Update: Now open for most services by appointment only

Please note that due to increased costs Mens cuts are $25 and a sanitation surcharge of $5 will be added to nail services (2 nail services one $5 charge)
All former discounts and loyalty program temporarily suspended.
Please consider donating to our
Go Fund Me page at gf.me/u/yxv2bw
All donations will go directly to paying the $21,000 we owe in back rent.
We strictly follow all Covid-19 safety protocols to create the safest environment possible.
Please call (408) 447-4377 for an appointment.


Please read important safety protocols from the CDC. 

Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and team members. With that in mind, we have implemented the following safety protocols:

  1. Appointment only. If you arrive without an appointment you might be asked to make an appointment and come back later. Also, please come alone, we can not safely host guests who are not receiving a service.
  2. Upon arrival, please stay in your car and call us (408 447-4377) to let us know you’re here. When we are ready we will invite you to come in. Your temperature will be taken, and you will  be required to sanitize your hands. Once you explain the desired service(s) please keep talking to a minimum while inside.
  3. Face coverings are required for all of us, at all times while you are here. We understand how inconvenient this will be, it’s very difficult for us as well and we apologize.
  4. Restroom is reserved for emergency use only. It’s there if you need it, but please try to reserve it for our team members. Every time it is used it will need to be sanitized.
  5. Complimentary drinks may be temporarily suspended until further notice.
  6. When paying you will read your CC number, it will be entered manually. All you have to do is sign. When possible please use your own pen. (This process may change as better options become available)
  7. If you are sick, even a tiny bit, or if you have allergies that are causing you to sneeze or cough, please reschedule.
  8. We would like to ensure that we have your correct contact information so in the event anyone of us has been exposed to the virus we can contact trace.

If you have not taken this pandemic seriously and have not practiced physical distancing (with the exception of first responders) please do not come. Many of our customers and some of our team members are at higher risk of serious complications from Covid-19. If you cough or sneeze you must do it into a tissue, paper towel, or sleeve. If you cough or sneeze into the air you will be asked to leave. We hope that you welcome these measures. Please remember the face covering you wear is  meant to protect us, the ones we wear to protect you. We want to service you, and we need to protect each other! We hope to see you soon!

Please continue to stay safe, stay well, and stay thoughtful of those at higher risk. 


The Team at His and Hers Hair Bar